Best Villages along the Romantic Road in Germany

During the Fall of 2020, my family and I explored the villages of the Romantic Road. Each village has beauty and charm, but eventually they began to blend together. So, when putting together this list, I included the ones that made a lasting impression due to uniqueness or its stunning, traditional beauty. Below are my favorite villages along the Romantic Road.

What’s so Great about Living in Germany? – Alcohol (part 2)

While there are still some challenges associated with living here, alcohol is an aspect that makes living in Germany so great.

What is so Great about Living in Germany – Location (part 1)

This is a series of posts about my favorite aspects of life in Germany. Adjusting to life in Germany was difficult at first. I was excited, but honestly felt a bit overwhelmed by the rules and the differences in culture. However, the longer I live here the more I enjoy the nuances of the cultureContinue reading “What is so Great about Living in Germany – Location (part 1)”

Why Visit Burg Eltz in Gemany?

The idyllic river flows gently around the castle mound.  It’s cool, shallow waters and smooth stones are perfect for a barefoot walk.  As my daughter and I stacked pebbles and stones into precarious pillars in the middle of the river the hem of her cotton dress skimming the water’s surface, small children splashed and giggledContinue reading “Why Visit Burg Eltz in Gemany?”

Geierlay and Erbeskopf Day Trip – Germany

My stomach lurched as the bridge swayed slightly below me. I’ve never been afraid of heights, however, the 100-meter drop to the valley below is daunting when standing in the center of the 360-meter suspension bridge known as Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay.

How to get a Traffic Ticket in Germany

Moving to Germany has been amazing!  My family and I have enjoyed living in Europe and adapting to our life in another country.  However, my husband, who never gets traffic tickets back in the states, has become a professional at getting traffic tickets in Germany.  An interesting detail is that police officers in Germany don’tContinue reading “How to get a Traffic Ticket in Germany”

Germany Quirks

I love living in Europe, more specifically Germany.  It’s a beautiful country with a great location, central to so much of Europe.  It’s quite perfect for travel.  A great aspect of living in another country is discovering the quirks that make it unique; and then realizing that you have adapted to these differences and haveContinue reading “Germany Quirks”

Hike to Hamburg Tower Kaiserslautern, Germany

When hiking up to Hamburg Tower in Kaiserslautern, do NOT do what I did.  I accidentally took my family on the extended, extra-long, scenic, scenic route.  Probably added on a couple of miles for my husband, seven-year-old daughter and I.  My advice: Choose the path that appears to be less traveled…that will make all theContinue reading “Hike to Hamburg Tower Kaiserslautern, Germany”

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