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Hello. My family and I currently live in Europe, which inspires me to seize every opportunity to travel. This site is a way for me to share with you the travel adventures my family and I have, as well as, adjusting to life in Europe. I hope our trips inspire you to travel more and make memories of your own.

“Wherever you go becomes a part of you.” – Anita Desai


Republic of Ireland

In all my travels, Ireland is my favorite. It is stunning, the locals are kind and cheeky, and the beer is top-notch. Plus, I can trace my paternal ancestors back to this amazing country. It just felt right.

Czech Republic

Prague is one of my favorite cities. It is breathtakingly beautiful. The culture is evident in even the smallest of details. The locals are fun and the beer is cheap.


Oui, oui! I have never had a bad experience in France. The food is some of the best on the planet, the wine makes me happy and I have always found the locals to be kind. Plus, it’s beautiful.


This is where I currently call home. The language is difficult, but I welcome the challenge. The country is beautiful and such a central location to be able to travel with ease to the rest of Europe.


Switzerland is expensive compared to most of Europe. However, it is gorgeous.


Luxembourg city has so much history and the Christmas markets here are some of my favorites.


This beautiful country nestled within the Alps is stunning and a great place to enjoy winter sports.


The land of pasta, prosecco, pizza and gelato. The locals are kind, the architecture has character and the history is vast.

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  • The Aperol Spritz
    One late afternoon as my family and I dined on seafood pasta watching the sunset in Monterosso in Cinque Terre with salt and sunblock still coating our skin, a waiter brought the four people at the table behind us each this strange looking bright, orange-colored drink served over ice in a wine glass.
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    Cinque Terre, Italy is a charming collection of five villages along the Mediterranean Sea. Its kaleidoscope of colorful architecture from the Middle Ages, access to beautiful beaches, delicious dining and hiking trails make it a popular Italian vacation destination.
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    The idyllic river flows gently around the castle mound.  It’s cool, shallow waters and smooth stones are perfect for a barefoot walk.  As my daughter and I stacked pebbles and stones into precarious pillars in the middle of the river the hem of her cotton dress skimming the water’s surface, small children splashed and giggled in their underwear a bit downstream.   Cyclists dismounted from their bikes for the opportunity to dip their hands in the chilly waters refreshing after a long ride. Families lounged along the shore with picnic baskets heavy with homemade lunches and a time-worn couple relaxedContinue reading “Why Visit Burg Eltz in Gemany?”
  • Geierlay and Erbeskopf Day Trip – Germany
    My stomach lurched as the bridge swayed slightly below me. I’ve never been afraid of heights, however, the 100-meter drop to the valley below is daunting when standing in the center of the 360-meter suspension bridge known as Hängeseilbrücke Geierlay.

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