Germany Quirks

I love living in Europe, more specifically Germany.  It’s a beautiful country with a great location, central to so much of Europe.  It’s quite perfect for travel.  A great aspect of living in another country is discovering the quirks that make it unique; and then realizing that you have adapted to these differences and haveContinue reading “Germany Quirks”

Guinness Storehouse vs. Smithwick’s Experience

I recently had the opportunity to visit Ireland with my family.  We were of the mindset that when one is touring Ireland one must learn about AND sample its brews.  It’s customary.  No, no, no…a requirement.  So, to meet this requirement, we participated in the Guinness Storehouse Tour in Dublin and the Smithwick’s Experience inContinue reading “Guinness Storehouse vs. Smithwick’s Experience”

Blarney Castle and Gardens – Ireland

Blarney Castle and Gardens is a must see in Ireland. My family and I just returned from our amazing trip to southern Ireland.  The country was beautiful and the people were spirited and kind…and the beer was delicious. On our six-day trip, we traveled to and explored Dublin, Kilkenny, Cobh, Spike Island, the Dingle Peninsula,Continue reading “Blarney Castle and Gardens – Ireland”

Hike to Hamburg Tower Kaiserslautern, Germany

When hiking up to Hamburg Tower in Kaiserslautern, do NOT do what I did.  I accidentally took my family on the extended, extra-long, scenic, scenic route.  Probably added on a couple of miles for my husband, seven-year-old daughter and I.  My advice: Choose the path that appears to be less traveled…that will make all theContinue reading “Hike to Hamburg Tower Kaiserslautern, Germany”

Seven Things to do in Bern, Switzerland

I recently had the opportunity to visit beautiful, beautiful Bern, Switzerland.  Known for its Bears, Beers, Buskers and a Brilliant mind.  Well, at least during my recent trip.  This city was a stop along a larger trip, but totally worth it.  We only spent a day here, but my family and I enjoyed the architecture,Continue reading “Seven Things to do in Bern, Switzerland”

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